Over the past week, the issue of systemic racism has come to the forefront in the news with the most recent incidents of racism, police violence and reactions to them both here in Canada and in our neighbour to the south.  While much of the focus has been on events in the United States, we in Canada cannot be complacent.  Racism, including anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, not only exists in Canada but are a real and unavoidable part of our past and our present.

We stand at an intersection, where choices must be made, and strong positions taken.  We must all recognize the issues at our own doorstep, learn what we can do to lead the country forward in a better direction, and take bold steps to do so.

At Wood Gold LLP, we are committed to being leaders in our profession, in our client interactions and also within the profession.  We commit not just to expressions of solidarity and support, but to taking action to improve the lives of our diverse clientele and our Black, Indigenous and racialized colleagues.